As you may have seen on twitter, over the past few months we have been extremely busy wrapping up projects and getting new projects off the ground. We’re now finally in a position to talk about such projects and let you know what we are currently working on and what the next few months hold for us.


Mirrors – Competitive Puzzle game for all platforms

Although we have made games for others under a contract basis, we are really excited to get some smaller games out of our own to show that we have the capabilities not only to develop games, but to come up with the ideas too!

Mirrors is a puzzle game which puts the player in a tomb with a number of mirrors, each mirror potentially having different behaviours. The player must rotate these mirrors to bounce a beam of light around the tomb until it hits an orb. Once the orb is hit by light, assuming all the mirrors have been used to reflect the light to the orb, the door to the next tomb will open.

We are implementing a variety of different modes to mirrors including a standard level by level mode, a time attack and even online competitive play. We are also in the process of developing a level creator so you can design your own tombs and share them with your friends!

We should have a free playable version of Mirrors available within the month, but of course we will announce this as it happens.

Current Title Screen for Mirrors


University of Aberdeen – Games for the Royal Society of Science

Since November 2015 we have been working with Game Dr. Limited and developing educational science games for the University of Aberdeen. We have completed the first and the second is currently in development. The second game is due to be finished for the end of June ready for the Royal Society of Science exhibition in London.

These games have been a great challenge as the main concern of both University of Aberdeen and Game Dr is to ensure these games are as scientifically accurate as possible. So while we focus on making the best game possible, we are also wary of how scientifically accurate it is – much different to what we are used to.

Both games will be available to play on July 5th. We will again announce this as it happens and can’t wait to get feedback.

Dexters Lab - as about as scientific as I get!


Two brand new unnamed projects

We have began planning what our next steps are over the coming months. We have 2 very great ideas which I don’t want to talk too much about currently, but the team and I are very excited about them both. You may have already seen some of the concept art and screenshots floating around on facebook and twitter, but we have so much to show and tell in the coming months. Once Mirrors is finally finished and released we will begin working on these, but we are holding off on starting as one of them has been put forward to the Tranzfuser developer programme…

Screenshot of Upcoming Game


Big opportunities with Tranzfuser

In April I put a team from Monocool forward to the Tranzfuser development programme, which in short is a good chance for a group of developers to potentially gain money to develop a game. With a bit of luck and hard work, we can take that game to the final and win even more money and support to fully market that game.

We will find out later this month whether we got through to the first round. Wish us luck!

Good Luck!


Asset Design and Development.

While we are developing games, it has become clear to us that we are also in a position to design and develop assets under a contract basis or with the intent to sell / give away through Unity Asset Store. We already have a few little projects underway which we aim to release these over the coming months.


On a final note, Game Dr has produced this awesome video titled ‘Antibiotic Apocalypse’. It would be amazing if you could check it out and leave some feedback. I have no doubt there will be more cool videos coming in the future!

As ever, thank you so much if you made it this far. Come follow me on twitter if you’d like to keep ‘more up to date’ with what’s going on and if you have any ideas or questions i’d love to hear them.

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– Rhys

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