Monocool is an Independent Game Studio located in Glasgow, Scotland.

Monocool is an ambitious studio with a collective of bright and skilled individuals dedicated to making great games. We are primarily based in Glasgow, Scotland, but our artists and developers are scattered all over the world!

At Monocool we strive to keep to our three core principles.

1) Games by Gamers

Before we were developers, we were gamers. We play all different kinds of games ranging from video games to board games, online MMO’s to first person shooters. The reason we develop games is because we love playing them. The second we stop playing games is the same time we should stop making them.

2) Players First

To us, players are as important as the games they play. When it comes to our games, the players experience is extremely important to us. We don’t cut corners, we don’t sell out. While it goes without saying, some things need to be said.  The only way we can have the type of studio that we want, is to have the backing of those who play our games.

3) The Monocool Career

As a team, studio or family; we want more. We want to stand out as a unique studio that doesn’t just care about releasing great games, but also those who make them. We want to create a supportive and forward thinking environment that encourages all members, from lead developer to hot dog turner, to push their own boundaries, learn new skills and have a place they can call home.