Make your way across obstacle courses avoiding saw blades, flame throwers and other insane contraptions, all while riding a pogo stick!

In POGO  LOCO, the objective is simple but crazy. Make your way across the grassy hills to the golden chocolate bar  by avoiding various obstacles, enemies and traps while on a pogo stick! Tilting forwards or backwards on your mobile will make you bounce in that direction, bouncing further the more you tilt. POGO LOCO takes skill, patience and a strong mind to overcome each obstacle, which is easier said than done! Play for fun, against the clock or in the Midnight mode!

Can you make it to the very end, or will you become POGO LOCO?


  • Available on Steam, iOS and Android
  • Bounce your way to Victory
  • Various traps and enemies along the way
  • Variety of crazy costumes to choose from.
  • Multiple ways to complete each level

Coming soon on Steam, iOS and Android.