If you’ve been following Monocool Interactive you will know all about our debut game Castaways, and more importantly you will know that it is now on Steam Greenlight! We are one step closer to making our dream a reality, and we would love your help to get there. Head over to our Steam Greenlight page and vote Yes for us to be Greenlit!

What, need convincing? Our months of Developer Diaries and epic #ScreenshotSaturdays not enough for you? Well, here’s 7 reasons why you should be excited for Castaways, and why you should give it a Yes vote on Steam Greenlight!

1 – What is Castaways?
Castaways is an environmental survival game that gives you – the player – the power to create and fine tune your adventures exactly how you want them, every time you play. Want a shorter or a longer lasting game? No problem! Want to try a different game mode with different objectives? Go ahead! Bored of your current enemy set? Pick another! We want to make Castaways a one stop shop for the survival genre and we can only do that with your support.

2 – Game Modes
Every time you play Castaways you will be able to set what type of game mode you want to play which defines the method of winning or losing that game. For instance, if you choose to play the Rescue mode, you and your team must work together to survive until rescue arrives, while also completing tasks to ensure that rescue will come such as lighting signal fires. Or perhaps you might pick the Onslaught mode where you and your team must build defenses to fend off waves of enemies until you defeat their leader. Then again, you can just pick objective mode and let the game guide you on an adventure that Is different every single time. The choice is yours!
We strive to continually add new Game Modes to Castaways to ensure that you will never be bored and always have a new adventure waiting to be played.

3 – Enemy Sets
Enemy Sets are one of the finer points of Castaways that sets it apart from all other games that fall under the same or similar genres. For every game of Castaways that you play, you get to choose which enemy set you will be playing against.
Each Enemy Set will come with its own strengths, weaknesses and their own little quirks. Multiple Enemy Sets are already in development and include a cannibal tribe and dinosaurs, but we already have plenty of ideas planned out and intend the variety of enemies to be constantly expanding.

4 – Environments
With the Environments in Castaways we wanted to take a step back from ever expanding locations and go back to smaller but more detailed landscapes. In Castaways you will be able to choose from a selection of Environments of different complexity and scale. Each Environment is also dynamic, so even if you choose a specific map, certain details will change to ensure that you have a different experience each time. These differences are subtle and will not affect the game play in anyway and example would be a cave system that may exist, may exist but need excavating or just might not exist at all!

5 – Background System
The background system is more commonly known in other games as a class system, except with Castaways you play as what you were, not what you are. Before you join a game, you will need to pick one of the several Backgrounds that are available. Currently there are 5 selectable backgrounds including Lumberjack, Soldier, Doctor, Engineer and Project Manager.
Each background has its different strengths and weaknesses and will benefit a team in a variety of different ways. The more you play with a character with a specific Background, you will earn experience to let you improve on the skills that you already know making you a Castaways every team will want!

6 – Survival System
When you’re not busy building a raft or hunting down a vicious T-Rex you will be busy taking care of yourself. We believe that the Survival System in Castaways is truly original and ticks all the boxes between fun and realism. Your health, hunger, hydration and energy all need to be monitored to ensure your efficiency is at its highest. If your efficiency drops for any particular reason, you won’t perform tasks as well as someone who has a higher efficiency.
We honestly have so much to talk about for Survival System and we are certain that you will not be disappointed. Once we have finalized a few details we will definitely be releasing a video to fully explain it and show you it in action.

7 – Build Mode
The last of the 7 reasons to vote for Castaways is our Build Mode which sets Castaways apart from any other survival game you may have played. Castaways has gone through multiple versions of its Build Mode to ensure that it’s easy to use and more importantly, enjoyable. When entering Build Mode your player temporarily leaves their first person view and gains an aerial view of the surrounding area where you can now begin placing buildings and defenses.
When you are done planning out your camp, simply leave build mode and return back to your characters first person view. Now you your team can begin building your camp using the tools you have collected or crafted.
So there you have it! Now you’re convinced why our game deserves to be Greenlit, so head on over to Steam and give us your vote! Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for all the updates on Monocool, Castaways and our other projects.

Thank you for your support,
Monocool Interactive


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